Responsible holidays

We care about the health of the planet and we believe in a greener and healthier future for all.

For many years we have been making choices to reduce the environmental impact of your holiday at Hotel Loretta.



We use only low-consumption LED lights and we have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof to produce electricity and hot water.



All our taps are fitted with special devices to reduce water waste. If you a sensible about sustainable water consumption you can choose to have your room sheets changed one time less frequently.

In addition, we have built geothermal wells to recover rainwater.


Less plastic

We have introduced draught water dispensers where you can refill your Hotel Loretta water bottle (trying to eliminate half-litre bottles as much as possible).

Even single-dose soap has been replaced by refillable dispensers, and at the breakfast buffet (served safely) we try to dispense with plastic as much as possible.


We like to separate our waste

We provide all our guests with recycling bins (paper, plastic and glass).


Conscious cooking

Feeling good = eating well.

We choose top-quality ingredients from local producers, zero kilometre, and respect the seasons. We have been using “live yeast” for a long time and are part of the “Figli di Pasta Madre Viva” family.

The wine comes from the local “Zavalloni farm”, the yogurt and fresh cheeses are supplied to us by the “Centrale del latte di Cesena“.

We offer daily dishes for vegetarians and homemade fresh fruit and vegetable extracts (as well as natural salt substitutes and flavour enhancers, made from vegetables dried directly by us).

For the preparation of our desserts, we use the “kefir” we produce every day.


Responsible mobility

At Hotel Loretta you have parking, the perfect opportunity to forget about the car and get around on foot or by bicycle.

What’s more, we’re 2 kilometres from the station, in an area well served by public transport (lines 126 and 241).


Clean air in the garden

We take care of our garden and its plants (valuable allies in the absorption of CO2). Enjoy your breaks in the middle of the greenery in a comfortable hammock… a real pleasure on summer afternoons!


Ecological materials

We choose environmentally friendly concentrated detergents and cleaning products. The ecolabel toilet paper comes from cutting coppice.

Grazia, Renzo, Vittoria e Fabrizio

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